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A Caress of Twilight (Meredith Gentry, Book 2)

A Caress of Twilight - Laurell K. Hamilton I'll start off by saying that it deserves 4 stars because I really liked it, and I do really really like all of Laurell K Hamilton books. I really do. And I'm definately finish this series because I'm hooked.

I do however have two slight peeves..
One is a genal LKH Peeve - I don't like that she leaves out a lot of what I would consider 'important firsts'.. eg, there was no written scene for the first time Merry and Niccus got it on, we just jumped into a story where that had already happened for them, and that really dissapoints me. I know theres a lot of lovin going on, and it would probably make the book huge to include everything, but to me... all firsts are important!

The second peeve is a peeve that just for the Merry Gentry Series, and not for Anita. Merry gets into things too fast. I'm not saying her morality offends me, because it really doesn't. But it didn't leave much room for emotional buildup. Of course LKH did pretty good with the situation, I just prefer it slower :)