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Under My Skin

Under My Skin - M.L. Rhodes Once I got into this book, it was good, nice romance, a bit of angst in the middle, but that sure makes the ending happier.

Was very pissed off with the writer at the opening scene tho, as the main character was talking to a deaf guy, and I could tell it was supposed to be mildly humorous.

"she loves you and just wants you to be healthy"
"Wealthy? Well it's a little late for that,"

Hillarious huh? As a deaf person I'm pretty much not laughing, and mildly insulted. For all the reasons I could list why thats not realistic... mostly it's just because I resent the implication that being deaf means you are stupid. Well anyway. It pissed me off. Maybe I'm sensitive, but I did get over it enough to read the story, so I'm not all grumpy.