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THE BLACK JEWELS TRILOGY: Book (1) One: Daughter of the Blood; Book (2) Two: Heir to the Shadows; Book (3) Three: Queen of the Darkness

Daughter of the Blood - Anne Bishop Mostly seems to be a fantasy version of those 'true lives' genre, some bookstores call them something different, but you can spot em when they're called things like "Don't tell mummy" or "Please daddy don't". Seriously, I get that I'm supposed to feel sorry for Jaenelle, but come on.. The story didn't make much progress til half way through, and then there were paedophiles on every page. I understand you've got to get the whole triumph against a horrible childhood, but sometimes you can go too far. And I thought one of the cardinal rules about fantasy was not to make one character flawless and uber-powerful? The concept of the jewels and the power-ranking is interesting tho. So I shall see what happens in the next book.