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Heat Wave (Nikki Heat)

Heat Wave (Nikki Heat) - Richard Castle As with many things, I was a latecomer to the tv show 'Castle'. There was already the whole first season out by the time I started watching. But once I knew about it I knew I had to see it, and I knew that I would love it. Mostly because I'm a huge firefly fan, and Nathan Fillion was brilliant in that also. Castle is in fact an awesome show, and if you don't know, the premise is basically that Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) is a myster writer who is shadowing NY detective Kate Becket, in order to get inspiration for his next book.

And then of course I found out late as usual, that the books featured on the show were actually published! And then I had to read them!

The book itself is authenitic down to the author biography, an author blurb on a fictional character from a tv show, awesome! It's a great thing to do for a tv show tie in, it's better than getting a mug or a poster or something naff like that.

I had imagined that the story would differ from the show in more ways, that Castle wouldn't be as blatant and dare I say mastubatory, to put himself and Beckett almost directly into book form with only changing the names. But actually this is what is done, the story reads exactly like an ultra long Castle episode, the characters are just almost exactly the characters from the show, but with all the names changed.
The only difference of course is the fact that in the book the romance is realised rather than just on going tension ;)

the name change is the confusing part, because every single character has their double in this book, and every time I read their book name, I have to think in my head their tv name...

Aside from the names everything else was brilliant, very true to the show, and unlike some reviewers I honestly didn't find the writing that bad. But maybe my standards aren't as great as other people! I think for a script writer (as the secret writer is purported to be), the attempt at writing a novel was fairly decent.

And yes, true to the tv show, there is even the promised sex scene.

I think that if you like the show at all, you definately have to get the book!