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Talker - Amy Lane Tate Walker (aka Talker), likes to talk, a lot. He has a mohawk, a huge facial/arm tattoo, and he's openly gay. He's a very 'out there' character, but you soon realise it's to hide his vulnerability.

Brian is a quiet but strong type, he's straight (or he thinks so), he comes from a poor background, and he's the kind of guy that just keeps quiet, gets on with things, and is always there for his friends.

From the moment Tate sits down next to Brian on the bus, and starts talking, there begins a beautiful friendship. Brian can't get much of a word in edgewise, but he's happy to listen. It takes a lot, but one day Brian realises that what he feels for Tate is more than frienship, but Tate is just unable to see the kind of love that Brian is willing to offer.

The story begins as a series of flashbacks, and flashbacks are dotted through the whole story, but it becomes more 'real-time' towards the end. At first the flashback style felt a little awkward, as we're sort of dropped right into it, and the scene changing was a bit quick for me, but once you're in, you're in deep.

I do love a good angst in my story, and this delivered high quantities of angst and heartbreak. It actually may have been a little too much for me. But I believe I am fairly picky. It's a close line between a good tearjerker and OTT emo angst. But if you do like it that way it's perfect for you.

One thing that confuses me, is why does Brian feel like he has to become punk to be seen as gay. Since when is punk scene associated with the gay scene, is this an american thing? or a local thing perhaps? *confused*

Still, good on the whole, I will read the next one, but just not straight away, that probably gives you my short take on it ;)