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All She Wrote: Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2

All She Wrote - Josh Lanyon Second installment in Josh Lanyon's Holmes and Moriarity series.

Kit Holmes gets a call from his old friend and mentor, and well known author of mystery novels, Anna Hitchcock. She's fallen down a huge flight of icy steps at her mansion, but believing it to be no accident; someone is out to murder her. Kit is invited to go over and investigate, as well as hosting her annual writers retreat.

Kit's trip away comes at a very low point in his and JX Moriarity's floundering romance, is JX going to turn up in time to save Kit and their relationship?

Oh I really love Josh Lanyon's books, mystery and romance both done so so so well, I cannot say that enough. I never have any clue whodunnit, but I never feel stupid and lagging behind, I always feel like I'm progressing along with Kit's perception of the mystery, it's just the perfect way to write a mystery.

I still don't love JX and Kit as much I as ever loved Jake and Adrien, and no one quite understands that because everyone thinks Jake was an asshole. I agree, Jake was a total asshole, but the angst was just so beautiful. Holmes and Moriarity don't quite have that tension, they're still a great couple, but they don't make me cry like Jake and Adrien did, hence 4 stars not 5. It's still a great series tho. :D