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Darkfever (Fever Series, Book 1)

Darkfever - Karen Marie Moning Some books, you put off reading for ages, and then finally, you get around to it, and you think "Hey this is good, I wish I'd read this earlier". Here, I have to say I'm pretty glad I waited to read this one. Not because its bad, but because I enjoyed it so much that I devoured the entire series (5 books) all the way through in about as many days. I couldn't have imagined waiting for each book to be published, it would have tortured me to death!

As it was, it was rather like eating a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's in one go. So bad for me, a complete guilty pleasure. But SO TASTY! Nom!

Of course reading 5 books in a series back to back, actually makes it kinda hard to review them individually later.. but I'll have a go.

MacKayla (Mac) Lane's life is all American sunshine, rainbows, pink nail polish, and days lounging by the pool. Until her sister Alina is brutally murdered while away at uni in Dublin, Ireland. After 3 weeks the dublin police close the case with no leads. Mac finds this impossible to accept, and jets off to Dublin, initially to try and make them reopen the case, but she ends up investigating her sisters murder herself. But when Mac begins to realise powers that she never knew she had, and discovers that her sisters murderer is more than just a human killer, she soon finds her own life in danger. And her only help is the mysterious and highly unfriendly Jerricho Barrons.

Like others, I didn't think I was going to like Mac at all, all the pink nailvarnish, the obsession with accessorizing, and her extremely good little clean-mouthed white girl upbringing. Just so far apart from me I didn't think I'd connect with her at all. I didn't think I'd like Jerricho Barrons either. Every review tells me he's a complete Jerk (he really is), and wears nothing but impecably ironed expensive suits and ties. But now I've read it, I completely get it. There is much more to both of these characters than can ever be explained at first glance. Mac may seem shallow on the surface, but there is a hardened self-sufficient take-no-shit core to her that really shines through.

Jerricho is still a complete jerk, but he's not making excuses for it, and I quite respect that. It's highly likely that his mysterious character hides a tortured past, but he never uses that as an excuse. He'd rather not talk about it. In fact he'd rather not talk about anything at all. He's a typically agressive alpha male character, and I should be tired of that cliche, but I'm not.

I wish I could recommend this book/series to my friends who appreciate Urban Fantasy but don't like the Romance element. But unfortunately I don't think it would be a good idea. This one might just about be acceptable, but later ones.. I've got no prob with it, I love this guilty pleasure, but I just couldn't recommend it. Which is a crying shame because I really LOVED the fantasy elements in this book. Fae are not just about sparkles and magic.. this stuff is really dark, and really original. The world building is exceptional, I'm not often impressed so much by PNR these days, but this one had me.

If you even only occasionally fancy a UF/PNR series, or you've been tempted and disappointed before. READ THIS ONE.