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Dead Beat (The Dresden Files, Book 7)

Dead Beat - Jim Butcher Harry has been though so much crap since book 1, and yet he just keeps fighting. He's had his hand burned to a crisp, his girlfriend Susan was partially turned into a vampire (and as much as she's fighting the change, it seems like its rather killed their chance at happiness together), and now he has the fallen angel Lasciel inside his mind.

Now Harry is being blackmailed by Mavra, a particularly nasty black court vampire, who threatens to release pictures of Murphy killing humans (they were mindless vampire slaves, but that won't matter, it'll still ruin her). And all Mavra wants Harry to do is get hold of the legendary book of Kemmler - pretty much the definitive black magic book for necromancers. And it just so happens that theres a bunch of necromancers in town that want the book for themselves.

All that Harry has suffered lately.. has changed him somewhat, not that he was ever naive or innocent in the first place, but now he's certainly a bit darker, and he knows it. It's a scary thing to think that while Harry continues to fight on the side of good, every time he fights the bad guys he has to dirty himself a little bit more to defeat them. And it breaks my heart a little bit every time he has to make such a hard choice, it really does. Thats the mark of a great character I guess.

At least Harry has friends on his side, Michael and Murphy are just the best. And now Harry has Mouse the dog and his brother Thomas. Even Butters the Medical Examiner gets a good role as sidekick in this episode - in what is arguably the greatest, most awesome 'holy shit' moment in the whole book! And I suppose even Morgan isn't all bad.. sometimes.

With book 7 this is getting to the stage where most novel series start do go downhill, not so with The Dresden Files, it really does just get better. More heartbreaking, but better. And as long as Jim Butcher keeps writing, I will keep reading.

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