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Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, Book 2)

Fool Moon - Jim Butcher After reading Storm Front, I went almost directly onto reading Fool Moon. I'm glad I did. Although I did really like Storm Front, I think that Fool Moon was actually better; a bit of a step up.

This installment has Harry involved in hepling Murphy and the Police dept to track down the culprits of some werewolf style killings. And interestingly enough, it turns out things are more complicated than it seems, there are more than one type of werewolf to consider! And yet again the local Mafia leader, Marcone, is attempting to get Harry onto his own side and under his thumb.

What I liked most about Fool Moon was the total sense of danger. Harry gets in real big trouble more than once, and despite him being the POV of the book (he's not going to die right), I actually was in fear for his life several times. But he always finds some hidden untapped depths to his magic, or even just sheer mortal unwillingness to give up.

The side characters also seem more developed in this book, Murphy especially became more real and solid, I like her character a lot. I hope she and Susan are both developed more in the next book.

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