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Elric of Melnibone 1

Elric of Melniboné - Michael Moorcock Yet another classic I've been meaning to read for a long time, and was glad I got around to!

The Melniboneans are an Ancient race of humans, characterised by their self importance, hedonistic ways, and distinct lack of compassion for others. Very similar to the traditional fantasy dark elves, although of course their appearance is human.
Elric is the last in a long line of Melnibonean kings, he's a sickly albino that has managed to sustain his health and keep up appearances by the heavy use of drugs. He's the one melnibonean that has doubts on the melnibonean way of life. His thoughts on morality is somewhat heretical in his society, and it also make him somewhat of a weak king, although he has friends who support him, he also has many enemies, notably his Cousin Yrkoon who would rather do away with Elric and sit himself on the throne.
But then how does Elric choose between his ideals of morality, and his need to deal with Yrkoon and keep his throne?

I must admit I liked this more than I thought I would. The style of writing is very traditional fantasy, as in Tolkien style etc, but it's very easy to get into, and it's a great little story of adventure and magic and a bit of political intrigue. I could easily find myself steaming through the whole series, as they're very good fantasy and short too.

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