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Vanishing Tower 4

The Vanishing Tower - Michael Moorcock Getting hard each time to write reviews for these. So much happened in this book that it would be impossible to sum it up properly, so it's easier just to think of what the highlights were for me.

Mostly I was happy to finally see the fabled city of Tanelorn. I loved the idea all along that there was a city that exists in every world and lasts for all time. I was glad it turned out to be more than just a myth.

Not many fantasy novels use the somewhat sci-fi device of alternate realities, but Moorcock uses it very well. In this book Elric actually travels again to another world where he meets with two of his alternate selves, previous future or parallel incarnations of himself, it's hard to tell. And I've since learned that these are actually main characters from some of Moorcock's other books, which is a really good plot device to use, to say that each of his heroes are facets of eachother. This is a device that David Eddings could have used!

Things are somewhat confusing at times when Elric refers to things that have happened in the past. I believe it may be because the books weren't written in their chronological order, and things may have been changed around (is this true?). But Elric once thinks back about Yrkoon usurping his throne, but having recently read the previous books I ended up shouting at Elric "but you left him in charge, you fool!".

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