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Power Hungry (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 6)

Power Hungry (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 6) - Howard Weinstein The Enterprise is called to deliver aid to Thiopia, a planet struggling with famine and ecological disaster. Before transferring the food supplies, Picard and his bridge crew are invited to a great banquet hosted by the planet's government, complete with a very marie-antoinette 'let them eat cake' speech, which leads them to question who needs the aid?

An interesting young scientist seems to have answers to the ecological disaster, proposing an innovating climate control system. Data immediately takes an interest in her research. And Riker is sent out inspect the warehouses (that will store the food aid), where he promptly gets caught in the middle of dissident terrorist attacks, and ends up captured.

I found this to be one of the least memborable TNG books so far. It was hard to dredge anything up out of my memory banks to write this review. It's not that it lacks a plot, but just that it's fairly predictable. The characterisation is fine. There simply isn't a whole lot to get excited about, either in a bad way or a good way.

The amount of tng plots (in the books and the tv series) concerning dissident political factions does make it a little repetitive after a while. But at least the Enterprise crew don't dismiss the dissidents as mere terrorists like in a certain of the episodes I could think of! Like the old saying goes "One man's terrorist, is another man's freedom fighter". And I'm glad for a moment they can actually see that.

As another reviewer notes, the book cover is misleading because this is not a plot about Riker and Troi. She is barely in it. They would have done better to put Riker, Data, and maybe Picard, as the main characters in this novel.

Not amazing, not terrible. It was just an okay novel.

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