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A to Z (Coda Books, #2)

A to Z (Coda Books, #2) - Marie Sexton Zach owns and runs A to Z video rentals (hence the title). He started working there 10 years ago, for a lack of other options. Now he runs the place, but he still knows about as much about movies as he did before he started. Zach knows nothing about customer service.. or about movies. Zach doesn't even like movies. When the shop gets a new landlord, Zach thinks his luck has changed; Tom is goodlooking and suave, and he even won't put the rent up if Zach goes on a date with him... great prospects there.

Then Angelo turns up the store, he's a younger guy, with a punky dress sense, and a bit of a standoffish attitude (due to his childhood experience). Angelo gives Zach a bit of advice on how to actually run a video store, and quickly gets himself hired, and the two start off a very close friendship. Angelo seems to be desiring a bit more than that, but won't let himself go through with it, because of his waryness of romantic relationships. And Zach is just a bit too blind to see anything.

The connection to the previous 'Coda' book is when the two meet Jared and Matt from the previous book at a folk music festival, and the 4 become friends.

The book is written with a dual perspective in first person, ie a few paragraphs from Zach's perspective, then a switch to Angelo's perspective. Sometimes this can be a tricky system to use, and I didn't like it much in this book, the re-running of scenes from a diferent perspective can be just a bit boring, and Angelo's parts started off seeming a little bit forced and insincere at first. But that is probably the only thing that put me off the book..

Overall I thought it was pretty good, (although not as good as book 1), yet again it was another longer term romance, which I liked, it's good to see genuine affection forming without the insta-love trick that so many authors use. I didn't like Zach and Angelo quite as much as I liked Matt and Jared tho, but I guess I can't expect every character to live up to my expectations ;)

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