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Healing Heart (Tales of Amaranth)

Healing Heart [Tales of Amaranth 2] - Thom Lane This book is set in the same world as Dark Heart. Like the previous book this is not really a romance or a bdsm story, in fact as it's set in a world where slavery is a reality, there can be no real romance between master and slave, as there is no equality. And it's not true bdsm as there is no consent required or given. If that disturbs you, it's probably not for you. If you can look upon it as an interesting concept, as a fantasy background.. then you might enjoy it too.

Coryn is a young mage healer, just recently finished his training and out wandering the world. Raff is a slave boy just a little younger than Coryn. He literally runs into Coryn in the road when he's sick near to death with plague, and being chased by some men who want to put him out of his misery. Coryn heals Raff, claims his as his own (since his owners are dead of the plague), and take him off to try and deal with this plague outbreak that started in the nearby town. But Coryn is only one healer on his own, and young, and it's soon clear that he'll never be able to cope with this task on his own, despite Raff doing his best to help his new master. And then there is the mystery of where this plague came from in the firstplace.

The relationship between Coryn and Raff was actually quite sweet, as Coryn is so young, and doesn't seem naturally dominant. At times it was possible to forget they weren't equal beings in their society.

As a nice bonus, later in the story, Lucan and Tam from the previous book appeared. This was great, as the ending to their story left things quite open, and it was good to see how their relationship had progressed 'off screen'.

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