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Fire Study

Fire Study  - Maria V. Snyder The truth is now out, and everyone knows that Yelena is a 'Soulfinder'. Most people don't like this, as the last known Soulfinder, only used his powers for evil, everyone sees only the evil possibilities, necromancy etc. The council must debate what to do with Yelena.

Meanwhile Yelena has heard that Ferde the Soulstealer is back, and sets out to hunt him down, only to learn that there are more enemies now than those she's fought before.

This book was a little disappointing after the decent start of the first in the trilogy. I've seen many people think the same way. It's not a very smooth read at all, a little jumbled and not entirely clear. I suppose it doesn't help that I read as fast as I could because I'd grown tired of the whole thing. But still, there were no memorable parts.

The plot is very sloppy, and the characters are grown even more bland. It's very easy in this book to tell a bad guy, they're always obvious, always. There is no subtlety of character at all.

The most dissappointing 'twist' at the end.. So the entire book is spent hunting down people who steal people's souls to increse their magical power. At the end Yelena finds out that the entire magic plane where all people normally take their magic from is composed of... the souls of the dead.. And HOW is this a GOOD thing?! Rediculous.

Very disappointing. The Auther could have done better, I know this because the first book had actual plot. She does need to work on making subtler bad guys, and holding her original characters together, and not just turning them into bland easy plot devices.

Not recommended, but hope perhaps the author improves her writing in future.

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