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Pretty Ugly (Petit Morts)

Pretty Ugly - Jordan Castillo Price Dominic is a celebrity photographer, he's pretty good at his job, and renowned for it. But he feels that he's not much of a looker himself, and seems to be a depressed from photographing goodlooking men, and feeling a bit jaded by the whole dating thing.

He does however manage to hook up with new young singer Johnny Palomino (cheesy stage name much?), and he's hoping for more. But is Johnny just using him as a stepladder to fame? He certainly seems to know just how to play it.

Then the next morning, Dominic looks in the mirror and something has changed. Or is it just a matter of perception? I think that's open to question. But I do know this; Blame Chance. As usual.

I really loved the twists in this book, and even tho the characters weren't quite to my usual tastes, and we did get off to a jumpy start (Jordan teased me by mentioning a passing security guard and NOT making him the love interest, that's mean, I'm sensitive about this).. But it does seem to be one of my higher rated Petit morts so far!

Jordan C P is a writer that I always enjoy. No matter the theme, or the situation, There's a certain something in her writing style, (don't ask me what or how it's done), that makes the r-rated parts dirty (in a good way). And yes I know, it's a sex scene, it's supposed to be 'naughty'. but I've read many m/m novels by now, and I'm not as shy as I was. But theres always a certain part where I have to peek around the room and make sure no one is watching.. If you know what I mean.. well you know.. the other author I can think of that has this effect is J.L. Langley. I'm not professional enough to define this subtle effect, but I know it's there!

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