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Sort of Stranger than Fiction (Petit Morts)

Sort of Stranger than Fiction - Josh Lanyon Ethan is a hopeful writer, and co-owner of a family bookstore, his sister Erin runs the coffee-shop half of the store, and is his closest friend and only relative.

Michael is a new guy in town, having recently opened a dojo across from Ethan's book store. He's tall, blonde, a bit terse and standoffish, but who wouldn't be when living with a huge disfiguring facial scar. Ethan is fascinated with Michael, but deals with this terribly, and puts his foot in his mouth a bit.

Soon after Michael arrives in town, bodies are discovered in the neighborhood, and speculation abounds as to the possible murderer. Erin has her eye on Karl for the culprit, a loner who writes creepy violent stories for Ethan's writers club.. and may just have a bit of an obsession for Ethan himself.

Yet again my main fault with this Petit Mort was that it was too short. With an author and a plot like this it needs more space to fill. Things have to be tied up way too hastily for my liking. This isn't me disliking the story, far fom it. This is me saying I really loved these characters and I wish they had more time, more space.. just more.

Recommended to any m/m reader who gets along with short stories better than I do ;)

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