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Archangel's Kiss (GUILD HUNTER)

Archangel's Kiss  - Nalini Singh Continuing straight on from book 1. Elena has recently awoken from her coma, after being saved from near death by Raphael's kiss; the kiss that started her transformation into an angel.
Elena has her wings, but she's still very weak, she's still growing into her immortality, and she has to begin the long painful process building her strength up and learning to fly, alongside dealing with her new addition to her hunter abilities, which seems to allow her to scent angels and not just vampires.
Archangel Raphael must make sure that Elena is ready in time for a visit with Lijuan, the oldest and most powerful of the archangels. Lijuan has lived so long that her power has sent her beyond anything considered sane or human, and Elena has to be ready for anything. And then at home at the eyrie Elena has become a target, many angels are jealous of the first angel created in centuries, or perhaps they're just power hungry, or simply out to kill, who knows with angels, they're not usually all that nice in these books.

I ended up rating the book low, because although I love the ideas in this book, I just became so bored several times in this novel. It was just so slow-moving in parts, and I guess I have a higher expectation of romance novels these days. The overall plot just moved at a glacial speed, interrupted so often by multiple flashbacks to Elena's past (which were totally OTT sickeningly emo), and frequent tiffs between Elena and Raphael (because Raphael is very possessive and domineering, but this can come across as irritatingly unatractive, 'alpha males' are overrated).

In so many places the author's writing was very clumsy and awkward, leading to having to re-read various scenes to figure out what exactly what went on, who stood where, how did he get in front of her, was that her left or right arm or a third arm...?? I think the book just has a dire lack of proper editing, too rushed.

It's a pity, because I would like to like this book, I remember liking the first one, and the mini prequel, but this was just uninspiring.

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