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The Blinding Knife
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The AB Guide to Music Theory: Part I
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Fast Ships, Black Sails
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British Sign Language
Paul Redfern, Nicholas Callow, Laraine Callow
Being a Quaker
Geoffrey Durham
Shadow Unit 2
Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Amanda Downum, Sarah Monette, Kyle Cassidy

Star Trek 2

Star Trek 2 - James Blish This is the 2nd of Blish's adaptations of star trek episodes, taking the script and turning them into short stories. This set includes the episode that introduced the Klingons, and the episode that set up the movie "Wrath of Khan". This is Important Stuff.

Some of these match very closely with the aired episodes, some are much more changed, but I noticed the differences in every one.

In my estimation most of them have come out better than the original episodes. Everything that annoyed me, the inconsistencies, plot holes, the illogical bits that really irritated me (why yes I am half vulcan).. well basically they've been fixed. I love James Blish for this, I really do. It's about time I read one of his original novels.

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