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The Darkest Whisper (Lords of the Underworld)

The Darkest Whisper - Gena Showalter The 4th full novel in the Lords of the Underworld series.

Sabin is the keeper of the Demon doubt. Was for a long time leader of the non-Budapest Lords, now both groups are working together he seems to be second in command. Sort of their General in the fight against the Hunters, and the Search for the 4 Artifacts. His demon feeds off the insecurities of those around him. The demon knows exactly what they're thinking and whispers thoughts of doubt into their minds. Very useful against the enemy, not so useful with the ladies. Sabin has not had much luck with relationships.

Gwendolin (Gwen) The Timid, is a harpy, held captive by the Hunters as part of their immortal breeding program. Gwen is unusal for a Harpy, she doesn't like confrontation. But when she does let the Harpy out to attack, it's nasty.

They meet when the Lords break into a Hunter base and rescue several immortal females held captive. The other females get taken back, but Sabin is so taken by Gwen that he refuses to let her go, takes her back to the Budapest fortress and tries to convince her to join the battle against the Hunters for revenge.

This was fairly much a captor/captive romance, as Sabin practically holds Gwen hostage at the fortress, and is creepy enough not to allow her privacy or her own room. Fortunately he didn't force himself on her or I would have burned the book. But I did find his treatment of her distasteful and not conducive to a romantic relationship.

When Gwen's Harpy sisters show up, the book takes a clear downward turn. As the harpy's are horrible horrible characters, that talk like teenage girls, have overly agressive attitudes, and apart from the fact that they're harpys theres not a single fantasy element to them. The worst part of it is, that I know Gena is going to write them in as partners for some of the other Lords, and theres 3 of them. It's going to be crap.

As usual, I enjoyed the side stories a LOT more than the main story. Very interested especially, to hear about Aeron keeper of Wrath, his pet demon Legion, and the Angel that seems to be stalking him.

I keep wondering if Gena is going to oblige us with a m/m romance as a side story. With 12 male Lords, statistically speaking.. at least one ought to be homosexual, especially considering they came from Ancient Greece? I wouldn't ask for a whole book but a side story, (like JR Ward did for gay/bi characters in her Black Dagger series) would be great

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