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Doctor Who The Monsters Inside

The Monsters Inside (Doctor Who) - Stephen Cole The Doctor and Rose 'trespass' on a human prison planet, and as punishment they get locked up themselves. Rose is in Juvie pretty much, and The Doctor is banged up in a prison for aliens, where he has to bunk up with two Slitheen, and made to work on research and development (futuristic prison labour!).
This was even a bit better than the last doctor who I read - Doctor Who: The Clockwise Man, although, I don't think think I can push it up to 5 stars, because it's a tv-tie-in, not a literary masterpiece.. is that mean? :P
The doctor who was very definately ninth doctor, totally well done on that.
I got a bit fed up with the Slitheen in the series, and by the time I could actually say rexacoricafallipatorius I was totally bored of them. But they're a bit better in written form, I guess it's because the writer gets to be as creative as he likes without worrying about budgets.

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