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Storm Front (The Dresden Files, Book 1)

Storm Front - Jim Butcher Decided to try this series, as I keep hearing 'Dresden files' everywhere for some reason, and apparently it's even a tv series? I couldn't let an urban fantasy get so popular without knowing what its about!

There are many mixed reviews about this, some love it and some hate it. But I am suprised at the negative reviews, as many complaints could be raised against the genre as a whole, but if you pick up an urban fantasy book - don't you know what you're getting into? I've seen complaints about the following; the way Harry does magic, what Harry wears, the sexism, the private investigator cliche.. But I don't see the problem, as just about ever Urban Fantasy novel does it the same. And even despite this, the book is still original, well planned out, and generally very good.

If you want to find sexism in UF, try the Anita Blake series, thats 10 times worse, except no one would complain about that because it's the Woman surrounded by Good-looking males. Somehow, it's apparently a problem to some readers, that Harry happens to be a straight male, who notices good looking women, and some of those women happen to be attracted to him. Hey it's fantasy! If I wrote fantasy, It'd have sexy girls in it too! (And food.. possibly cake.) But anyway you can't complain that a Fantasy is too.. fantasy.. End Rant.

The best part?
The potions! I have never seen a single wizard in Urban Fantasy use potions before now, I have to say it was the best bit for me. It was like Harry Potter for Adults, but not as lame as that sounds..

In the end, a very solid 4 stars, enjoyed it, nice easy read, with original interesting ideas, and a decent mystery. Definately going to continue reading the series.

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