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Zero at the Bone

Zero at the Bone - Jane Seville Had high expectations of this book, 8 people of my friends list read it and gave it 5 stars. Then I finally got around to it myself and was horribly dissapointed.
The premise of the story, and the opening showed promise. A professional hit man, gets given a job on a guy he thinks twice about killing, and then has to protect the guy himself to make sure no one else finishes the job.. interesting idea. Only it all went south from there.
At first I told myself "It'll get good soon", then I switched to "It'll be over soon". But then I realised I was only 2/3 thru the book and I had to give up. I'm still labelling it as read tho.

The main things that ruined this book are:
1 - D's Accent (D being the hitman). To me his written accent made him sound like a really dumb yokel. I don't mind having a coloquism, I don't mind a bit of an accent written it, but push it too far and it sounds awful. An example "You ain't done nothin' ta bring it ta yer door, Francisco. You witnessed a crime 'n' were gonna help put them bastards away. Ain't no reason ta kill ya, not by my reckonin'".
Sounded especially bad when he was having an argument with himself in his own head.

2 - Unrealistic. Reading a book about a hired assassin, I was hoping for a bit of gritty realism, I did not expect to see D log onto a website for hired killers and start chatting with them.

3 - Unsafe sex. Many sex scenes, never a single mention of a condom. No lube either for the first few, that would have been a total disaster, not romantic at all.

4 - Too many tantrums. I see why some people thought this could have been a het romance. Jack (the target), throws at least one tantrum ever chapter, is always pushing D to tell all his personal stuff, and generally behaving like a spoilt teenage girl.

5 - Tell and not show. I see this happens in a lot of books, where the author wants to give a certain character a reputation. So he has every other character talk about how scary or bad or evil the guy is. But the character in question never does anything to back that up. D for instance is hyped up all the time to be this really really awesome hit man, that everyone else sees as a legend, untraceable, cold blooded killer. All I ever see him do is wait in a guys living room with a gun. After that he was pretty useless, and had to call for help all the time. If you want a character to have a certain rep, you have to write it yourself, show us what he's like, don't tell us.