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Not Ordinarily Borrowable

Not Ordinarily Borrowable - Thomas Thurman It's always difficult to review a book when you know the author will read it. Hence it being months and months til I got around to this. However, I really liked Not Ordinarily Borrowable, so I should have nothing to worry about, right?

Maria is a young student, who is working to become a doctor of Asnac - (an Asnac being a person who studies the way people lived a long time ago). Maria just needs to finish her thesis. But when she arrives at the library, she finds that all the books she wanted have been taken...

...by a dragon.

Maria sets off on a fabulous adventure in search of the dragon (and the books he stole), and along the way she finds a magical sword, a friend, and a recipe for cake.

Not Ordinarily Borrowable is the kind of book I wish I'd had access to in primary school. We had such a lousy selection in my school, I'd read the few good ones, and I wasn't allowed to bring in any of my Enid Blyton books from home. But this? This would have been perfect. And I imagine it would have pulled me into the fantasy genre much sooner, which can never be a bad thing.

I'd recommend this to children and young adults of any age. And I'm looking forward to more adventures with Maria in future.