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Dark Prince (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 1)

Dark Prince - Christine Feehan I first tried this book a few months back, and I only managed to read the first few pages. I decided to try it again, because I'm continually seeing it as high rated by everyone who enjoys paranormal romance. I thought maybe it improved further into the book... But I've gotten 100 pages in, and I really don't like it even better.
Neither of the main characters have consistent personalities; The heroine is continually asserting that she doesn't take orders and she can take care of herself, but she lets the guy walk all over her.
The Hero is incredibly inconsiderate of her feelings and her innocence, which of itself is a crap thing anyway. But then he keeps saying he wants to protect her and take care of her and stuff... why doesn't he ever do the right thing then?
Besides which, the love scenes are uninspiring messes of random adjectives.
I kind of don't get why everyone loves this series so much.. It'd have to get a *lot* better in the next book to make up for this one.