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Skin Trade (Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, Book 17)

Skin Trade - Laurell K. Hamilton This one gets a decent rating, as it was nice to go back to the old Anita for a little while. Off out away from her boys, and doing some proper investigating and vampire hunting. Also this is one of the ones where we get to hang out with the Edward/Bernardo/Olaf gang, which is always fun. And I do have to admit I like Olaf's character, it's always interesting trying to figure out whats going on in his head. Although I'm not sure even LKH knows where it's going.
Unfortunately, there were the usual letdowns and annoyances that I've come to expect in the Anita books.
1 - Too much coversation. - Anita keeps people yakking on for ages, about bugger all. If LKH would just chop the conversations down to the bare minimum thats actually pertinent to the plot, we'd probably lose a third of the book volume, but it would read better.
2 - Too much posturing. - Anita always has to show off, act tough, etc, and I get that it's part of the character, that people underestimate her because she's small/cute/female. But it's just too much, constantly, and I wish she'd just get on with things rather than talking tough. culling The posturing would probably remove another 3rd of the book volume.
3 - Too many characters. - Anita happens to meet a fuckin truck load of completely new handsome men and pretty boys in every single book, and each new face just blurs into the next as I try and skim through them. No one is attractive anymore, because theres just too many new guys to pay attention to. We're all still waiting for more plot with the ORIGINAL characters.

TBH, I'm as annoyed with Anita, as Anita is with herself. She hates that the Ardeur makes her fuck a new stranger every chapter, and I do too. It's very irritating and bores me. The trouble is, I was a big fan of Anita Blake in the beginning, and I've stayed with it, no matter how awful it's gotten, because it's like family... family that you can't stand the sight of, and only see at christmas, but you still have to love em.