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Tigers & Devils

Tigers and Devils - Sean Kennedy Simon is a film festival director, who happens to be a big fan of Australian football. He's also not much of a fan of parties and crowds, but his friends Roger and Fran drag him out to one for the evening. Simon manages to get into a discussion about Pro AFL player Declan Taylor, and ends up both defending and insulting him, in his own foot-in-the-mouth way. And at that moment, who should walk behind him but Declan himself. Simon is both star-struck and horrified, but Declan.. well Declan is intrigued.. and there begins an unlikely romance.
The difficulty of the situation is that Declan is most definately not out as gay, and being so could harm his AFL career, but the two try to make things work and take things carfully. Unfortunately, well.. things happen.

I don't think I've ever read a novel set in Australia before, so I think the first thing that grabbed me about the story was the amount colloquialisms and slang that I recognised.. it was so much more comforting than reading my usual Set in America romances.

I'm not a fan of football, or celebrities for that matter, so I think normally I might have passed this book by, but I'd decided I wanted to read more by this Author, and I'm glad I gave it a go. The setting wasn't really my cup of tea, I have to admit, but the character's were good, and they grew on me in spite of it. Especially as things grew a bit more rocky and conflicted for them, I guess I only really start to connect to a character when things get depressing..

When the WAGs came on the scene I think it became truly horrific, but it's realistic, I can't blame the writer, but it's just so bitchy I can't help myself, I think I was Supposed to not like those scenes! It was like medieval ladies squabbling on the sidelines while the knights joust.. except without any of the subtly or decorum that makes it interesting. Can I just say ugh. women.

I think on the whole tho, the main reason that I chose 3 stars instead of 4, was the excess of dialogue, there were large parts that got very talky, and I have to admit, I'm shallow enough to wish that Simon and Declan were doing something a bit more involved than talking.. I hope I don't get flamed for that.. At one point a radio interviewer asks very rudely if Declan is top or bottom.. and I had to feel guilty because I was still wondering the same. but hey.. if I didn't like them together I wouldn't be saying that?

I think I would read another by Sean Kennedy.. but probably not one about football, sorry.