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Grave Peril (The Dresden Files, Book 3)

Grave Peril - Jim Butcher The city has been plagued by an unusual amount of violent ghost activity, and Harry along with his friend Michael (a new character to the series) have been doing their best to exorcise the spirits. It soon becomes clear that the ghosts have been incited by someone with evil intentions, and then theres even worse than that in store, A girl with visions of the future (not good visions), Possessions, and an invite to a vampire ball that Harry would be very wise not to attend.

At first I was somewhat confused, as the book begins by introducing a new character, Michael, but as Harry already had a long aquantence with him, I was left wondering if I had missed a book out as I had no clue who this new guy was! It was a bewildering way to introduce a new character, but once I got past that I really loved Michael's character. I always love it when faith plays a tangible role in magic and fighting evil. So a holy knight was just a brilliant addition. The mechanics of the magical/holy interaction were done really well, it completely made up for every episode of buffy or supernatural where a demon/vampire walks on consecrated ground without blinking, haha.

I also loved the portrayal of vampires in this one, we got a little glimpse into the true form of vampires with Bianca in the first one, but here they take a much bigger role. I like my fantasy to have a little bit of horror with its glamour!

Next one soon! Plenty more to go! Yay!

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