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The Weird of the White Wolf - (Book 3 of the Elric Saga)

The Weird of the White Wolf - Michael Moorcock Elric returns to Melnibone, with several fleets of mercenary ships, to take back the throne and his fiancee, from his evil cousin Yrkoon. And things go absolutely horribly wrong. Would be hard to say much more without - what I consider to be - spoilers!

I thought the beginning of the book was somewhat anticlimatic after the first 2 books. And I am still quietly bitching at Elric for leaving his fiancee and Kingdom to Yrkoon at the end of book 1, what did you think would happen?!

But all Elric seems to want deep down is answers to life the universe and everything. If the lords of chaos and law are not absolute, who created them? His search for knowledge ultimately leads him on adventure. And I can't help but be drawn along with him.

In this book, more than the previous 2, I was struck by how much of an anti-hero Elric really is. How easily he abandons his friends to save his own skin, and how quickly he forgets and moves onto his next quest and adventure.

And then how easily I forgive him for his capricious nature. I'm already forgetting what I was annoyed with him for. I love the Elric books and I can't wait to read the next one on my shelf.

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