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Strike Zone (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 5)

Strike Zone (Star Trek The Next Generation, No 5) - Peter David The Kreel discover a cache of weapons on a deserted planet, left there by much a much more advanced race. They then use the weapons against their long-time enemies - Klingons. The Klingons ask the federation to intercede, and aid diplomatic resolution to avoid all out warfare. So the Enterprise ends up with a ship of Kreel and Klingons at eachothers throats.

Found this one difficult to rate. On one hand, Peter David is a very funny writer. serveral scenes made me laugh out loud. It almost had the tone of star trek written by Terry Pratchett.
But by imposing his own humorous style on things, it managed to lose out a bit on what makes StarTrek... well.. StarTrek. Certain things happened that were totally unreasonable within the federation. For instance, A doctor threw something at an injured Klingon and ordered him out of sickbay while he bled all over. I know in this case he wasn't exactly the good guy, but there is such a thing as the hypocratic oath, and especially with a federation doctor, this was very shocking.

There was also some really really awful lack of basic scientific knowledge, which was pretty much the worst part of the whole book. This comes where Geordi is attempting to scan an alien artifact, but it reflects everything that he tries to scan it with..

"[...]Yeah I can see it. But all I'm picking up is the exterior. Now it's obviously not repelling all light. If it were..."

"It'd be invisible," said Riker.

"Right. [...]"

You don't need a science office to know that the ability to see something is dependent on the light reflecting back off an object. If the light passes straight through, then its invisible. But for all light to be reflected, that makes it about as invisible as a Bolian at a Betazoid wedding.. which is to say.. not.

So yes, incredibly let down by the blatant lack of scientific knowledge

All in all, +4 stars for being funny -1 for bad science and ethics = 3 stars.

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