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Shadow Unit 2
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Spanish Fly Guy (Petit Morts)

Spanish Fly Guy (Petit Morts) - Jordan Castillo Price JP is a pretty much a small-time con man, although a young and attractive one. He arrives in the small sea-side town of Brightside, with nothing but his shiny sports car and his intelligence. He figures out that the locals are all starved for romance, and decides that a love potion would be just the thing. He gets a little help from Chance from Sweets to the Sweet, and then he seduces Ryan into helping him too, and Ryan is just a nice young guy who works in a print shop.

I know I complain every time that these Petit Morts are too short, I guess I don't read many shorts, my idea of a short book is 200 pages.. But I am getting the hang of them now. Trying to get out of the habit of finishing the book and yelling "Hey Wait what happens now?" Because I'm realising these books are all about the beginnings, we get to see how they get it together, and it's up to us to imagine how it goes from there (or not). Probably something thats obvious to all.. but I'm slow on the uptake and this story happened to make it a lot easier for me to grasp. I doubt I'll ever be a huge fan of the short story, but I'm learing to appreciate it :)

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