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Dark Beginnings (Lords of the Underworld 6)

Dark Beginnings (Lords of the Underworld 6) - Gena Showalter Since I've already read the first 2 novellas in this book, this is just a quick review of the 3rd novella - Lords of the Underworld 4.5 "The Darkest Angel".

Lysander is an Angel. Respectable, pure hearted, incredibly goodlooking. (And he also happens to be the mentor of the female Angel that has been stalking Aeron in recent novels).
Bianka is a Harpy, and the sister of Gwen (the harpy from book 4).
Lysander notices Bianka playing bizarre games of 'who can break the least bones while jumping off a cliff', becomes a little bit obsessed with her and kidnaps her. Tells himself it's for the good of society to keep her in captivity and that he's going to try and reform her. Turns out it's Bianka that reforms Lysander to her way of thinking.

Overall it was a bit of a pants story. I Actually liked Lysander, not suprising, as I usually like Angel characters. But Bianka ruined it. I hate harpys. I wish Gena had never written them into book 4. I like urban fantasy, but Bianka was all Urban and no Fantasy. She talks like a 15yrold high school girl, eats only junk food, and uses a mobile phone, and urgh.. so much.. I just tried to skip through it. The fact of it is, that these two characters had nothing in common apart from mutual sexual attraction, and thats not a great basis for a romance book.

I was much more interested in the snippets of side story about the other Angel and Aeron keeper of Wrath.

At the end of the story there was a brief telling of Gwen and Sabin's wedding. Which was yet another awful idea, since neither of them are remotely christian.. Sabin is a demon and Gwen is a half demon harpy.. why are they getting married in a church? It's probably just to appeal to the average American reader, but it didn't work for me.

Please forgive me but I'm going to keep reading these books because I'm a sucker for continuing a series once I've started it.

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