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Wishink Well (Petit Morts)

Wishink Well (Petit Morts) - Jordan Castillo Price Since the mysterious Chance has been the mysterious pivotal character in every Petit Morts book so far, it's about bloody time he got more of a starring role. So I'm glad JCP gave us a bit more Chance in Wishink Well, but what a tease, because he's still a mystery to me. It's not enough! It's never enough with this series! But you can read that as a compliment.

Chance finds himself transposed from his usual Sweets to the Sweet coffee shop, instead wearing overalls, carting a supply of cheap snacks and standing in front of a hospital vending machine.

Eddie Flynn is living out his last days in the very same hospital, slowing dying from various terminal ailments. Eddie is probably in no shape to be flirting with anyone, but who can blame him when he sees the new vending machine guy. And somehow he's ended up with his pen, which of course is more than just a mere writing implement..

It was, as I said, about bloody time that we heard more about Chance. And I just ate up all the hints about who he is, and why he spends his time bringing lonely guys together. Here we got the first hints that he's not the one in charge of these schemes, that he can be just a pawn in these games like every other character, which certainly is an interesting twist.

Eddie was a great character too, the fact that he's terminally ill was obviously the huge overpowering feature in his life. But he still had a lovely wry sense of humour, and he had the balls to ignore how crap things were going, put on his best shirt and flirt with a totally out-of-his-league guy. Or maybe that was the morphine working, but he's still a great character.

This was possibly the best Petit Morts so far.
That does however leave me with 2 important questions:
1 - Will we get to hear any more of Chance in future?
and 2 - How can the next 7 books possibly top this one?

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