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The Letter Z

The Letter Z - Marie Sexton Third book in the Coda series, more from Matt&Jared and from Zach&Angelo.

At Matt & Jared's new year party, Angelo meets Jared's ex-lover Cole, and has the hots for him. Zach has no problem with it as long as Angelo comes home with him at the end of it. It does bother Jared however, and is the beginning of some conflict between the two of them.

Then, when the 4 go away together on a trip to vegas, they bump into Zach's ex Jonathan, which leads to even more conflicts, and some interesting developments in Zach&Angelo's relationship.

I have to say I'm still a little dissapointed in these books, after enjoying the first one so much. The thing with romance books.. I have no real preference for gay straight lesbian etc, but what is important is the romance itself, but it does mean that I need to be able to relate to the characters or find them a little bit attractive.

I loved Jared and Matt in the first book, I thought they were brilliant, and I still think they're great together, but Zach and Angelo aren't working for me. Which is mostly down to personal preference, I think Zach seems a nice guy, but Angelo I just don't like. Maybe it's because I don't like skinny guys, or maybe I just find him too antagonistic. Which he is, deeply antagonistic, I get that his problems are part of the character, and there is a need for conflict in romance novels, in order for there to be a resolution, but I felt that the conflict was all coming from Angelo's side, which was bad.

The problem with Jonathan coming into play also felt a little bit awkward. Zach was the only person that knew him, and he clearly didn't want to go to dinner with him, Angelo just as clearly didn't either. So why did they all go. Just for the sake of the plot and the conflict, but it didn't seem realistic to me.

I'm also not keen on effeminate guys, or on promiscuity. I think in m/m novels these are stereotypes that you have to be careful around. And while I suppose it wasn't particularly badly done here, it just makes me uncomfortable, and doesn't actually do anything for me either.

The perspective switing is still not working for me either. That was started in book 2, switching between Zach and Angelo, and in this I believe it was just between Angelo and Matt. In some books this works really well, I don't like it here, sometimes too disjointed, and sometimes too much repetition from another perspective.

Although I didn't hate the book, I was disappointed. I still like the Matt&Jared relationship, but I found myself skimming through everything else to get to them. Now undecided whether to continue to the next book.

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