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Star Trek

Star Trek - J. J. Abrams This is is a collection of the 4 comics that are a prequel to the 2009 Star Trek movie.

The series is set 8 years after the end of Nemesis. Relationships between Romulans and the Federation are the best they've ever been, and Spock is now the official Federation Ambassador to Romulus. Picard is also now a Federation Ambassador. Data has successfully integrated his personality into the B-4 android, and is now Captain of the Enterprise-E.

Spock confronts Romulans with the news that the Hobus Star is in the process of going supernova, and predics that it will likely destroy Romulus. The Romulan senate choose to disbelieve Spock's prediction. Nero sides with Spock, and offers the use of his mining ship, the Nerada to extract rare Decalithium that Spock requires for his plan; to stop the supernovae by use of red-matter.

I know some people have taken a great dislike to the 2009 star trek movie, but for some reason I've always prefered the less-loved star trek aspects. My favourite Trek series are Enterprise and DS9, which most other trekkies rank bottom, (and thats the ones that even acknowledge the existence of the enterprise series!). So its not suprising that the 2009 movie became my absolute favourite trek movie; Overtaking even my beloved First Contact.

The 2009 movie stands up quite well on its own, but it does benefit greatly from the backstory in the comic series, and if you're a die-hard trekkie, or just a fan of the movie, you shouldn't excuse yourself from reading it! There are some details in it that solves little unanswered questions from the movie, such as why the romulan miners all have shaven and tattooed scalps. Not a massively important plot-point, but it's these little details that make you go 'ahaaaa!'.

The major delight for me in the entire novel had to be the reappearance of Data, as I believe this is the first time it has been revealed that he did indeed 'resurrect' properly after having his neural net downloaded into the B-4 android. I couldn't help a little cheer as I saw him pictured on the bridge of the Enterprise with 4 pips on his collar. There is no greater joy in Star Trek than seeing CAPTAIN DATA! <3<br/>
Well worth a read for any Trekkie.